Newsletter Edition 38 - July 2022


IP competition has a new date Copy

The First Brazilian National Intellectual Property Competition has a new date: September 10th. ABPI and LAPI – Academic League of Intellectual Property of the Brazilian National Faculty of Law of UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), organizers of the event, decided to postpone the date due to several events happening in July and August, and mainly to not coincide with the dates of ABPI’s 42nd International Congress.

Law students who want to join the Competition have until August 29th to register.

The Competition aims to bring together law students for analysis and performance simulation in intellectual property cases.

During the competition, the teams will present an opinion on the cases, orally defend their position regarding the case under examination, and write an administrative piece.

Among the prizes for the first-placed team members are registration for ABPI’s International Congress (online mode), registration for the WIPO/ABPI Summer School, one ABPI annuity with all the rights inherent to the members and submitted to the Statute of the Association, one-year access to ABPI’s Journal.

The teams that finish second and third will also be entitled to prizes.

Teams can register by filling out the form at this link: