Newsletter Edition 17 - August 2020


Intellectual property in fighting against counterfeit jewelry

Intellectual protection in the jewelry design sector is the most effective weapon to contain the dissemination of unauthorized copies, pointed out, on August 12th, Kelly Amorim, the managing director of Carla Amorim Joias, and Cláudio Magalhães, associate professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), speakers in the 7th Law & Fashion Webtalk, promoted by ABPI and the OAB RJ Fashion Law Commission (CDMD). “Respect for intellectual property is what will pave the way for creators”, Amorim said. “Not only must the creation be registered, but also the creation process”, added Magalhães. The event “Protection of Jewelry Design by Intellectual Property” was moderated by Andreia de Andrade Gomes, vice president of the CDMD, and Isis Moret Valaziane, member of the CDMD.

In her presentation, Kelly Amorim explained that she appeals to the Judiciary when she identifies a copy of a jewelry design developed by Carla Amorim Joias, but complained about the judges’ lack of preparation in the decisions. “Justice takes so long that the decision ends up being irrelevant”, she said, adding that, in many cases, problems involving those copies are solved out of court. According to her, in the past, all the company’s designs were cataloged at the National School of Fine Arts, but currently, they are registered in a registry office.

For Professor Magalhães, the exaggerated production costs in Brazil are stimulating the proliferation of illegal copies in the world of jewelry design. He asserted that “the development of an authorial work has high costs and needs to be rewarded. But the protection cannot be a posteriori, it is essential to know the protection system before developing the product”.

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