Newsletter Edition 15 - June 2020


In the world of Digital Transformation, IP is essential

A world of intellectual property assets is opening up for companies in the digital environment, and they need to be protected. That was what professors Laurent Manderieux, from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, and Eldar Haber, from the University of Haifa, in Israel, pointed out during the third IP Meetings on June 11th, which discussed the theme “How intellectual property can help with the digital transformation of business”.

IP Meetings is a series of virtual events promoted by ABPI (Brazilian Intellectual Property Association) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The Transatlantic IP Academy (TIPSA) also participated in this edition. The event was mediated by ABPI’s director Filipe Fonteles Cabral, and the table was composed by ABPI’s president, Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, the director of WIPO in Brazil, José Graça Aranha, and Manderieux, director of TIPSA.

In his presentation, Manderieux noted that Artificial Intelligence, blockchain operations and 3D printing, among others, are on the agenda of companies’ Digital Transformation and therefore give rise to intellectual property rights. “3D printing will help a lot in the growth of the pharmaceutical industry”, he exemplified. Another tool that is being developed is the securitization of IP rights, a system that has been led by European and North American companies and allows the conversion of brands, patents, copyright, and other intangible assets into securities and, with that, access to credit. “A large North American retail company in the food sector has thus financed its international expansion”, said the professor. “In this field, there is a tremendous opportunity for Brazilian companies”.

Haber considered that the digital insertion of companies is creating a greater need to protect IP rights. “A website, an application, or a social media account, everything can be protected by copyright law”, he said. “The protection of these rights can make the company prosper, allowing it to create its online persona”. Another point raised by him was data protection. “We are producing a lot of data, which is the new form of communication”, he stated. “Data analysis will lead us to this new industrial revolution and will be at the heart of the business”.

You can follow this complete webinar on ABPI’ YouTube Channel. There you will find the original English audio version and the version with simultaneous translation into Portuguese.