Newsletter Edition 20 - December 2020


GA approves accounts and statutory changes

On December 8th, the ABPI General Assembly (GA) meeting approved the accounts of the entity for the year 2019, in addition to minor changes to the bylaws.

Among the statutory amendments, there is that of Art. 3 in which the “defense of the proper functioning of the Brazilian Intellectual Property system” was expressly included within the purposes of the Association.

In Article 5, VI, § 2nd, concerning member categories, the “startups, defined as such in a federal complementary law”, were included among the categories of members that are entitled to the “fifty percent discount (50%) in the annuities due to the Association”.

In another amendment to the bylaws, the Association’s sectional representatives become part of the ABPI’s Council and shall be invited to join the meetings of the Executive Board whenever deliberating on the issues of their States.