Newsletter Edition 37 - June 2022


For the monetization of university patents

On june 23rd, ABPI president Gabriel Leonardos proposed the creation of a technology trade fair organized by intellectual property associations and universities to encourage the monetization of patents generated in the academic environment. The idea, launched during a webinar on the “Relationship of Intellectual Property Associations and the University” had the support of other debaters of the event, such as the president of ABAPI (Brazilian Association of Industrial Property Agents) Álvaro Loureiro and Professor Kone Cesário, vice-dean of the National Faculty of Law of UFRJ. The event is organized by Inova, which is part of the UFRJ – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro innovation ecosystem.

In the debate, the president of ABPI highlighted the modest Brazilian position in terms of patents: the 34 thousand applications filed by the BPTO (Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office) in 2013 dropped to 26 thousand last year, while worldwide in the same period, there was an increase of 27%. For Leonardos, this drop is due to the increasing deindustrialization of Brazil and the low productivity of the BPTO. “In 1985, the industry represented 48% of the GDP, a share that, last year, dropped to 21%”, he pointed out.

The president of the ABPI noted that, although in recent years the BPTO has reduced the backlog (stock of patents pending examination), the time elapsed between the filing of a patent application and its granting, currently on average seven years, is still very long compared to the time measured by international offices. Leonardos recalled that, recently, ABPI already had a favorable decision in the structuring Public Civil Action filed against the Union, aiming to provide the BPTO with the necessary resources for the proper functioning of the institute.

To watch the webinar, visit the Inova page on Youtube