Newsletter ABPI - Edition Special Congress 2023 - Day 3


Diversity is Social Responsibility and Organizational Transformation

Diversity should not only be viewed as an act of social responsibility but as a tool for enhancing organizational competitiveness, including talent attraction and retention, stated Reinaldo Bulgarelli, Executive Secretary of the Forum of Companies and LGBTI+ Rights. On Tuesday, August 22, he was the guest speaker of the lunch lecture at ABPI’s 43rd Congress addressing the theme “LGBTQIAP+ Diversity: Respecting Rights and Inclusive Environments as Promoters of Equity.” The lunch lecture was organized by ABPI’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Pedro Vilhena, one of the Committee coordinators, welcomed Bulgarelli.

According to Bulgarelli, we are facing a topic of organizational transformation: the value chain is urging diversity actions. Established in March 2013, the Forum of Companies and LGBTI+ Rights encompasses 188 companies.

Bulgarelli emphasized that organizations were not structured considering human diversity and individual uniqueness. However, times have changed, and change is necessary, considering individual characteristics, harnessing, and maximizing the competencies of everyone in an inclusive environment. “There is an explosion of identities flourishing worldwide, and we must rethink everything. Therefore, we need to leverage the potential of the LGBTI+ community within companies, which are spaces for creation and development.”

Work environment – A survey by the consultancy Santo Caos, involving 20,000 employees from companies across Brazil, revealed that 65% of LGBTI+ professionals have experienced discrimination in the workplace, and 28% have faced harassment. The rate of discrimination cases is even higher when considering only transgender and bisexual individuals: 86% and 72%, respectively.