Newsletter 41st Congress Day 3


Diversity and Inclusion on the agenda

The Interactive Networking Session brought to the debate the theme “Diversity and Inclusion: learning and sharing successful experiences”, with the participation of Barbara Rosenberg, a partner of BMA Advogados; Laura Davis Mattar, Diversity and Inclusion and Corporate Citizenship Manager at Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados; Marcia Cicarelli Barbosa de Oliveira, a partner of Demarest Advogados; and Monique Bastos, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Analyst at Veirano Advogados. Moderated by Renata Shaw, the coordinator of ABPI’s Diversity Committee (photo above).

Renata opened the session thanking ABPI for its support in carrying out the debate and also highlighted that, from a legal point of view, law firms must play the role of non-discriminatory employers.

Monique reaffirmed that, for this, it is necessary not to limit diversity and inclusion issues to the Human Resources area, as was the case before. “Today, these guidelines are strong in ESG, for example. When we expand these issues to the entire institution, we will make fewer mistakes”.

Barbara Rosenberg stated that the work of the diversity committee in her office is very important in engaging people and bringing them closer. “We also see it as a great possibility to learn and not go wrong too much”.

Marcia Cicarelli stressed that it is essential to always remember that diversity is like an intense journey of learning and transformation. “Therefore, it is very important to exchange experience and information, as we are making today”.

Culture change
For Laura Davis, one of the fundamental points is the change in the organizations’ culture. “It doesn’t happen overnight. Because of this, we must adjust with the time of changes. And, on the other hand, we must celebrate each achievement”.