Newsletter Special Edition - 40th ABPI Congress - Day 2


Diversity and inclusion in debate

Another Networking session was held on the second day of ABPI’s 40th Congress. With the goal of gathering and integrating the participants, the theme of this evening was “Diversity and Inclusion in Intellectual Property – collaboratively creating the new ABPI Diversity and Inclusion Committee”.

More than 75 people attended the Networking session, which had dynamics and presentations to address the maturity of companies and the corporate world in general regarding issues of diversity and inclusion. Among those who spoke on the subject were Fernanda Beser, Counsel, Intellectual Property at Netflix, Maria Goldberg, Legal and Compliance Director at YDUQS, and Simone Bittencourt, Director of Ethics & Compliance at Philip Morris Brasil.

Despite working in large companies, the goal of the speakers was to address their experiences with the diversity and inclusion themes throughout their professional lives.

The session was coordinated by Renata Shaw, founding partner of Westminster Shaw Law Firm, Joana De Mattos Siqueira, partner of Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello, and Isabella Cardozo, partner of Daniel Advogados.