Newsletter Edition 48 - June 2023


Corporate Committee presents proposals for the Brazilian National Intellectual Property Strategy

In response to a request from GIPI (Interministerial Group on Intellectual Property), as an active member, ABPI submitted additional contributions proposed by its Corporate Committee for the development of the 2nd Action Plan for the 2023/2025 biennium of the Brazilian National Intellectual Property Strategy (ENPI). ABPI’s Corporate Committee, comprised of approximately 70 member companies, regularly convenes to deliberate on company-specific intellectual property matters.

Out of the 18 proposed actions by the Corporate Committee, aligned with the six strategic axes outlined by GIPI, at least seven had already been prioritized in the 1st Action Plan of ENPI. Under the axis of “Intellectual Property for Competitiveness and Development,” the Committee reinforced proposals and initiatives to (i) promote an increase in the number of industrial property protection applications in Brazil and (ii) develop programs to foster technology transfer and industrial property rights licensing, leveraging intelligence centers’ infrastructure.

In the “Governance and Institutional Strengthening” axis, the Committee suggested actions to analyze projected workloads, address the need for backlog reduction, consider global protection system requirements, and establish productivity parameters for offices. Additionally, they proposed equipping the offices with appropriate technological tools to deliver services with quality and efficiency.

Regarding “Modernization of Legal and Sublegal Frameworks,” the proposed initiatives aim to enhance, update, and draft a draft bill, initiated by the Executive Branch, for the reform of the Copyright Law (Law 9.610/98), considering new technologies, internet businesses and the responsibilities of service providers.

Under the axis of “Brazil’s Involvement in the Global IP System,” ABPI’s Committee forwarded proposals to promote exchanges and cooperation in IP with international organizations and countries, as well as evaluate participation or expansion in examination-sharing programs with foreign offices.

Click here to view the document containing all the proposals from the Corporate Committee to GIPI.