Newsletter ABPI - Edition Special Congress 2023 - Day 2


Controversies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In Panel 2, “Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Controversies,” Linda Lecomte, Assistant Reporter General of AIPPI, stated that the question of whether AI-generated works should be protected by copyright revolves around striking a balance between encouraging innovation, ensuring fair access, and respecting traditional principles. “It calls for careful consideration of legal, ethical, and practical perspectives.”

For Enrique Díaz, President of ASIPI, determining liability in cases of infringement involving AI-derived work remains complex, given the innovative nature of technology and the numerous involved parties. “It’s essential to ensure benefits exist while minimizing harm to society. For instance, I believe in the need for human supervision and responsibility in AI’s development and use, along with establishing administrative agreements and licenses for AI-generated works.” The debate was moderated by Nuria López.