Newsletter Edition 16 - July 2020


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In July, ABPICast brought two relevant themes to the Intellectual Property market, the Technological Patent Prospecting and the LGPD — General Data Protection Law — applied to franchise contracts.

Henry Suzuki, the founding partner of Axonal Consultoria Tecnológica, was our guest to talk about the proper use of Patent Technological Prospecting tools. He demonstrated that the underutilization of information available in patent banks and the importance of good technological mapping might be the difference between the success and failure of a research project, or even the launch of a successful new product. This conversation counted on the participation of Roberta Dutra, a chemist specialized in Intellectual Property with an important role in the assessment and verification of technological flow, provision of technology, prospective studies, and monitoring of Technological Innovations.

The impact of the postponement of the General Data Protection Law, mainly in the franchise market, was the issue addressed by Bruno Bioni, a doctoral student in Commercial Law and a master with honors in Civil Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo, and legal consultant in the areas of regulation and technology, with an emphasis on privacy and data protection. He was welcomed by José Eduardo Pieri, a lawyer specializing in IP and Data Protection, a partner in BMA – Barbosa Müssnich Aragão, and reporter general at ABPI.

In his interview, Bioni explained that data protection is highly relevant, and it is difficult to imagine any business model that is not driven and impacted by data: “From the most innovative companies that operate with behavioral advertising to the most traditional ones, such as the franchise sector, which has a very complex model with crossing information for a better offer of services”, he says.

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