Newsletter Edition 32 - January 2022


CEDUC is highly rated in a survey

The results of the online survey carried out in January 2022 to assess the courses promoted by CEDUC-ABPI (Centre for Continuing Education) reflected the recognition for the work developed throughout 2021. The survey was highly positive.

91.29% of the respondents rated the contents of the courses “very good” and “great”, with 91.3% saying that they would attend them again, and 95.8% responded that they would recommend the courses to potentially interested parties.

The content of the courses was the most highly rated item among the survey participants: with a grade range from 1 to 5, 82.6% of respondents selected the highest grade. As for the level of use of the contents, this percentage dropped to 56.5% of the responses. For lecturers and teachers, 78.3% of the answers gave a grade of 5.

Among those interviewed, 91% considered it very likely to participate in the CEDUC-ABPI courses in 2022. “Everything is great”, “Keep up the good work”, “Have at least one course every two months”, were some of the comments. Regarding the content to be covered in the next courses, survey participants suggested topics related to the Brazilian Navy, the merchant navy, bureaucratic bottlenecks reduction for patents, IP, and public universities, among others.