Newsletter 02 - May 2019


Cannabis in Congress

The pharmaceutical industry has grown overall in recent years, in the wake of cannabidiol or cannabis, one of the active principles of marijuana. Meanwhile, in Brazil there is still no authorization for the medicinal use of the herb. It is estimated that if the country approves legislation favorable to medical cannabis the number of patients could reach 3.9 million in three years, which means a potential market of R$ 4.7 billion per year.


The issue, with its Intellectual Property implications, will be discussed in “Panel 1 – Cannabis: The Challenges of a New Market”, on August 26, at ABPI’s International Congress. One of the panelists will be the president of Knox Medical, Mário Grieco, and the mediation of the panel will be in charge of ABPI director Rodrigo Ouro Preto. Click here to view the Congress’ complete program.