Newsletter Edition 11 - February 2020


Breakfast with ABF – the Brazilian Franchising Association

ABPI invites to a Breakfast on March 12th, at ABPI São Paulo (Alameda dos Maracatins, 1217 – 608. Moema), with video conference to Rio de Janeiro, about “The new Franchise Law: what has effectively changed”. The invited speaker will be the president of the Brazilian Franchising Association – ABF, André Friedheim, with Cândida Ribeiro Caffé and Flavia Rebello Pereira as moderators.

The new Law (Law 13.966 / 19), published in the Brazilian Federal Official Gazette on December 28th, will come into force on March 27th this year. In addition to providing more legal certainty, it will bring a series of innovations to the franchise system, among them: absence of a consumer relation between franchisor and franchisee; absence of employment relationship with the franchisor; possibility of subleasing the commercial point by the franchisor to the franchisee; punishment for omission or transmission of false information in the Franchise Offer Circular (COF); validity of the election of the arbitration court by the parties.