Newsletter Edition 11 - February 2020


Backlog continues to fall

In five months, since the BPTO implemented the Fight Against Backlog Plan, the stock of patents pending analysis has been reduced by 12%. On September 11th, 2019, the backlogmeter, a digital system that measures, every second, the performance of the program, the patent stock was at 147,217 applications, and on January 29th this year it dropped to 120,73 thousand.

The Patent Board’s (DIRPA) plan to “substantially reduce” the backlog of invention patents with required examination and pending decision, is to eliminate 80% of the stock by 2021. The Fight Against Patent Backlog Plan, along with Brazil’s accession to the Madrid Protocol and the increase in actions to combat piracy, are part of the framework of recent advances to be used by Brazilian diplomacy to justify Brazil’s removal from the United States’ observation list of countries that need to advance in the area of ​​Intellectual Property.

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