Newsletter Edition 11 - February 2020


AIPPI resolutions follow new IP trends

The busy annual congress of AIPPI (the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) is much more than an opportunity for networking among participants. Amid lectures, debates, and business, working groups produce AIPPI Resolutions, reasoning about Intellectual Property later disseminated in more than 100 member countries. At the association’s last congress, in September 2019, in London, AIPPI’s Executive Committee approved five Resolutions: Copyright on works generated by artificial intelligence; Plausibility as a Patentability Requirement; Compensation for IP damages for acts other than sales; Permanent Committee resolution on client-lawyer confidentiality; and Consumer surveys as evidence in trademark processes.

New trends
Rafael Atab, co-coordinator of ABPI’s Trademark Study Committee and Brazilian delegate to the AIPPI Executive Committee explains that AIPPI’s Resolutions reveal some of the new trends in the most diverse subjects in the scope of Intellectual Property, as well as suggestions for international harmonization of controversial and new issues in this area. “Last year’s resolutions clearly show this, when dealing, for example, with the regulation of copyright on works generated by artificial intelligence”, he explains. “One of the most debated aspects and which ended up prevailing is that the protection, even of these works, would only be possible through some degree of human intervention”.

Another issue pointed out by Atab refers to the harmonization of the minimum standards on Confidentiality and protection against disclosure of confidential materials derived from the “client-lawyer” or “client-attorney” relationship, which should also be established in the scope of Intellectual Property.

Headquartered in Switzerland, with more than nine thousand members, AIPPI is the main organization in the world dedicated to the improvement and development of laws for the protection of Intellectual Property, and ABPI is the Brazilian group of AIPPI. AIPPI Resolutions, at the end of each congress, are disclosed to the relevant authorities and institutions of the society. AIPPI’s National and Regional Groups are also encouraged to disseminate the Resolutions to their ministries, IP offices and other national and/or regional institutions.

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