Newsletter Edition 32 - January 2022


AIPPI adopts four resolutions at its last Congress

The AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) adopted four Resolutions at its last Congress held in October 2021. The Resolutions, as usual, are the result of extensive debate among delegates from the national groups and serve as a recommendation for the standardization of norms to be adopted by member countries concerning the development, improvement, and harmonization of international IP protection.

Resolution Q 276, on Patents, deals with “Inventiveness and sufficiency of disclosure in AI inventions”; Q 277, referring to Trademarks, addresses the “Registrability of trademarks against public order or morality”; Q 278, on Industrial Designs, concerns “Industrial designs and the role of prior art”; Q 279, of a more general nature, discusses “Reasonable awareness in compensation for infringement of IP rights”.

Soon, the rapporteurs of the Brazilian AIPPI Group, Marcos Blasi and Rafael Atab, will comment on the 2021 Resolutions in a specific publication dedicated to the topic.

To access the full content of the Resolutions, access