Newsletter Edition 36 - May 2022


ABPI’s Arbitration Competition in July

There is still time for educational institutions, law firms, academic/student organizations, or associations to attend the 2nd CSD-ABPI Moot. Registration closes on June 3rd for teams and is open until June 13 for the referees. The qualifying rounds of the competition, which aims to encourage the use of arbitration in Intellectual Property, will be held on July 23-24, and the qualifiers on July 30-31. The event is sponsored by the Gusmão & Labrunie and Kasznar Leonardos law firms.

Based on the simulation of an arbitration procedure composed of three arbitrators, the competition involves a hypothetical conflict of Intellectual Property rights. The fictitious case, available on the CSD-ABPI Moot website, refers to a Request for the Initiation of Arbitration Proceedings regarding the copyright of a skin developed in the form of an NFT for use in avatars on a gaming platform. NFT is the acronym for a non-fungible token, an asset created from blockchain technology to certify the digital authenticity of an item. “Copyright cases in the technology world have been increasing in recent years. But with the digital environment revolution, especially with new technologies involving NFTs, we anticipate an increase in this demand and consider it extremely important for everyone to be prepared, including those who work with arbitration proceedings”, says Manoel J. Pereira dos Santos, president of the CSD-ABPI.

The only one of its kind with an exclusive focus on IP arbitration, the CSD-ABPI Moot was designed along the lines of renowned tournaments of the genre. To compose the arbitration tribunals for the simulation, the event’s coordination will select the arbitrators according to their expertise and familiarity with the topic (intellectual property and arbitration), and the candidates’ professional experience.

All members and advisors of the winning team will be granted one year of free ABPI membership, including free access to all events promoted by the association (except ABPI’s Congress and paid courses). The best speaker, regardless of whether he is part of the winning team or not, will receive a year of free ABPI membership and free access to all events promoted by the association, including the ABPI’s 2022 Congress (except paid courses).

The first edition of the event had 14 registered teams representing renowned universities and law firms, totaling 116 members and advisors. Two teams participated per round, with two speakers each and three arbitrators. There were 30 hours of panels simulating an arbitration hearing concerning a fictitious case created by the Organizing Committee involving several current and relevant aspects and issues related to Intellectual Property.

All presentations of the 2nd CSD-Moot will be held in a virtual environment through the ZOOM platform, and the access links will be informed in due course by the Organizing Committee. Access the rules and conditions of participation on the Moot website: