Newsletter Edition 13 - April 2020


ABPI with a full schedule in virtual times

The use of virtual means to promote lectures, roundtables, courses and seminars, which ABPI had already been endorsing, has been intensified in April with the social distance recommended by the health authorities. The association promoted a total of nine virtual events, all free for its members.

Lives were used to publicize BPTO’s actions: the institute’s President Cláudio Furtado, spoke about “BPTO Business”; the Managing Director Júlio Cesar Moreira discussed telecommuting; the Director of Patents Liane Lage spoke about the Impacts of COVID-19 and the Program to Fight Against Patent Backlog.

Through videoconference, ABPI promoted together with lawyer and coach Lisandra Thomé, the course “Strategic Marketing Management: How to sell in law in times of crisis”, with four modules, the last one to be broadcasted in May. The same system was used in the speech by lawyer Vítor Butruce on “The impact of COVID-19 on current contracts”.

 On another front, ABPICast, the ABPI podcast, interviewed renowned experts in each area. The lawyer and coach Ana Paula Halla spoke about the legal transformation that has been happening with telecommuting, and the adoption of soft skills by lawyers, while lawyer Danilo Doneda discussed the use of personal data to fight the pandemic.

The virtual table was used to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, with the theme “Green Innovations in Brazil”, in a joint event with WIPO and the BPTO.

On the 30th it will be the turn of the webinar with the Technological Park of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

In May ABPI will share new podcast episodes, and promote webinars and lives for its members and the general public. A series of web talks on Law & Fashion is already scheduled in partnership with the Fashion Law Commission (CDMD) of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-RJ), beginning on May 5th. The registration fee for the first event in the series will revert to DOAR Fashion, a fashion charity event, and its partner institutions to assist in combating the social effects of the pandemic.

And there is more to come. Follow ABPI’s social networks to find out about our schedule and our online events. In this edition, you will find the coverage of the main events.