Newsletter 02 - May 2019


ABPI will submit suggestions on trademark registrations to the BPTO

The Study Committees of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI) are already working to propose suggestions to the Public Consultation made by the BPTO on trademark registrations, according to BPTO/DIRMA Ordinance No. 02/2019, published in the Revista da Propriedade Industrial (Industrial Property Journal) No. 2523 of May 14, 2019.

Four public consultations shall be made concerning new resolutions on trademark registration in a multiclass system; trademark registrations on a co-ownership basis; registration divisions and trademark registration applications; and trademark registrations under the Madrid Protocol.

The public consultation on draft Resolution of trademark registration in multiclass system was opened on May 14th. Suggestions should be sent by June 13. After this deadline the BPTO will present its feedback to the contributions and the final text of the Resolution.

According to the BPTO, public consultations on co-ownership trademark registrations, registration divisions and trademark registrations under the Madrid Protocol shall start shortly.