Newsletter Edition 33 - February 2022


ABPI manifesto against BPTO budget cuts

In a letter sent to the presidents of the Federal Senate, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco, and of the Chamber of Deputies, Federal Deputy Arthur Lira, ABPI expressed its full support for the BPTO (Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office) request for the review of the linear cut of discretionary expenses of the institute that took place in the process of approval of the PLOA 2022 (Budgetary Law Bill 2022) in the National Congress. “In this way, we understand that it is essential to express our concern with the impacts of the aforementioned cut for the continuity of the good functioning of the BPTO and, consequently, of the Brazilian IP system”, highlights the document.

In the statement, ABPI expressed its complete agreement with the Supplementary Bill – PLP 143/2019, authored by Deputy Marcos Pereira, which prohibits the limitation of commitment and financial transactions of expenses related to the BPTO.

The same letter was sent to the president of the Parliamentary Front for Intellectual Property, Deputy Mariana Carvalho, to the vice-president of the Front, Deputy Marcos Pereira, and Senator Marcos Rogério, a member of the Front.