Newsletter ABPI – Special Edition Congress 2022 – Day 1


ABPI leading technical discussions at the Brazilian GIPI

ABPI is at the forefront in three technical dialogues and in the revision of the Industrial Property Law (Law 9,279/96), which are being addressed within the scope of the Brazilian GIPI, the Interministerial Intellectual Property Group, revived by the government, as presented in Panel 4 of the Congress by the Head of Division of the Undersecretariat for Innovation of the Ministry of Economy, Miguel Campo Dall’Orto Emery de Carvalho. The CEO of INTA (International Trademark Association), Etienne Acedo, virtually joined the debate, moderated by the former president of ABPI, Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta.

The work of the Brazilian GIPI, regulated by Resolution nº 3 of February 2022, is being developed by the ten entities and institutions that make up the group and aims to regularize the intellectual property regulatory framework in Brazil.

ABPI is coordinating technical dialogues on incentives for patenting, essential patents, frand terms, and trademark expiry. In industrial property legislation, the entity is in charge of the work on manifestations, reviews, deadlines, payments, and filings.

When asked by Montaury Pimenta about how to reconcile the interests, often conflicting, of the various groups that make up the Brazilian GIPI, the government representative said:. “It’s part of the process and we’re aware that in some cases we won’t reach consensus. Even in patent groups where it will be difficult to reach consensus, the result will be important to strengthen the base of discussions on the subject.”