Newsletter Edition 13 - April 2020


ABPI joins the board of BPTO Business

The Brazilian Intellectual Property Association – ABPI was one of the first private entities invited by the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office – BPTO to participate in the future Advisory Council of BPTO Business, an initiative that aims to disseminate the culture and practice of intellectual property among companies, startups and universities, to increase the number of intellectual property assets in Brazil. The information was given by BPTO’s president Cláudio Furtado on a YouTube live, on April 21st, which was attended by more than 300 subscribers.

ABPI’s President Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta was the mediator of the conversation and listed, in addition to BPTO Business, other achievements of the current BPTO’s management, such as fighting against the patent backlog, accession to the Madrid Protocol and success in the telecommuting system of civil servants. Coordinated by ABPI’s Executive Director Erika Diniz, the videoconference was also attended by the BPTO, the Managing Director Júlio Castelo Branco, and the coordinators Alexandre Lopes and Felipe Augusto Melo de Oliveira. ABPI’s participation in BPTO Business was also considered through the 14 Study Committees of the association, which meet periodically and deal with specific issues of Intellectual Property.

According to Furtado, BPTO Business will work with residents – startups, technological centers of companies and research centers of universities – in three vectors: first in the creation of Intellectual Property, followed by protection itself and, finally, in alignment with the monetization and commercialization process of IP assets. The objective is to have a 20% growth in the number of patent applications, which is now around 14%, due to COVID-19. “We want to promote a paradigm shift in the autarchy from producer of IP assets concession to disseminator of the advantages of this system”.

The full video with this conversation can be accessed on ABPI’s YouTube channel.