Newsletter Edition 41 - November 2022


ABPI is amicus curiae in an appeal on the taxation of trademark law contracts

ABPI joined as amicus curiae in the Extraordinary Appeal filed by the Municipality of São Paulo – which upheld the Appeal filed by the taxpayer dismissing the levy of Tax on Services (ISS) on trademark assignment agreements.

The Extraordinary Appeal was based on a decision handed down by the 15th Chamber of Public Law of the TJSP, following the guidance unanimously signed by the Special Body in the Argument of Unconstitutionality No. 0015571-31.2011.8.26.0000. “ABPI cannot refrain from expressing itself in any debates or disputes involving Intellectual Property, due to its goals and purposes as an Association, in defense of the rights and interests of its members, as well as for the balance, improvement, and protection of the IP system”, commented ABPI’s General Counsel Paulo Parente Mendes.