Newsletter Edition 25 - May 2021


ABPI in the Participatory Legislation Commission

In a roundtable promoted by the Participatory Legislation Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, ABPI’s reporter general José Eduardo Pieri stressed the importance of Complementary Bill No. 143/2019, by deputy Marcos Pereira, which determines that the resources destined to the BPTO (Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office) will not be subject to cost containment. Bill 143/2019 continues to be processed as a matter of priority and awaits the opinion of Deputy Luis Miranda, the Rapporteur of the Finance and Taxation Committee.

In his statement, the director of ABPI explained that the efficiency of the BPTO, a Federal autarchy linked to the Ministry of Economy, is fundamental for it to exercise its responsibility for the improvement, dissemination, and management of the Brazilian system of concession and guarantee of industrial property rights. “Despite being a surplus body, a large part of the resources is returned to the National Treasury with intent to obtaining a primary surplus. As a result, Brazilian society lives with an average term of 10 years for the examination and granting of patents by the BPTO, a term well below the need that technological innovation requires”, said Pieri. ABPI recognizes the recent efforts of the BPTO with measures to improve its productivity, but believes that only budgetary financial autonomy ensured by the Industrial Property Law (Law No. 9,279/96) is a definitive solution to match the Brazilian institute with the most efficient international patent offices”, he added.

You can watch the roundtable on the Chamber of Deputies Channel on YouTube.