Newsletter ABPI - Edition Special Congress 2023 - Day 3


ABPI Hosts a Memorable Congress in Rio, Celebrates 60 Years, and Sets Sights on the Northeast

With over 900 registered participants from 27 countries, ABPI’s 43rd Congress on Intellectual  Property, held in Rio de Janeiro, concluded memorably last Tuesday. The event, the largest of its kind in Latin America, celebrated ABPI’s 60th anniversary in grand style, with representatives from the global elite of Intellectual Property and the highlight of an unforgettable party at the Sugarloaf Cable Car Park. “We are proud. The Congress exceeded all expectations with cutting-edge themes and personalities of the highest caliber who came from Europe and the United States, making Rio de Janeiro the world capital of Intellectual Property for a few days,” stated ABPI’s President, Gabriel Leonardos.

Over two days, gathered in two plenary sessions, 12 panels, and 10 table topics, experts from around the world delved into the theme of “Intellectual Property as a Promoter of Social Equality.” Debates encompassed issues related to innovation in the economy, Artificial Intelligence, social media, data protection, advertising, and more within the realm of trademarks, patents, copyright, technology transfer, and related topics. Distinguished speakers such as Kathi Vidal from the USPTO, the second-largest patent office globally; Brazilian Supreme Court Vice President Minister Luís Roberto Barroso; and media protagonist futurist Crystal Washington, among other prominent figures in IP, were present.

ABPI’s Congress upheld its reputation for quality and affirmed the wisdom of choosing a hybrid format, enabling access to all presentations for those unable to travel beyond their home locations. Indeed, throughout the three-day event, online presence was significant: there were over two thousand accesses to the Congress website, averaging 200 accesses per hour from 27 countries, with prominence from the United States, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. However, those who participated in person were rewarded with substantial interaction and networking opportunities.

For many years confined to the Rio-São Paulo circuit, ABPI’s Congress is now expanding to other Brazilian capitals: in 2024, the event will take place in Recife. “Now we will rest a bit to begin preparing next year’s Congress, which will be focused on the specificities of the Northeast, fulfilling ABPI’s mission of spreading intellectual property awareness throughout Brazil,” emphasized Leonardos.