Newsletter Edition 15 - June 2020


ABPI Cast: Intellectual Property and M&A

The challenges imposed on society are transforming the economic sector, imposing technological and industrial advancement, transforming the market into increasingly digital/virtual, and less physical. With this, we are witnessing traditionally gigantic companies losing competitiveness and numbers to newer and more agile ones. This is dramatically changing the economy and the way of doing business.

To talk about the transformation of the economy and how intellectual property has been helping in the mergers and acquisitions processes, the new episode of ABPICast brought Douglas Carvalho Junior, CEO of Target Advisor, an executive with extensive experience in the retail and consumption area. He answered questions such as: How do investment funds work? When to seek a private equity fund or enter a merger process? How much is your company worth?

The interview counted on the collaboration of lawyer Soraya Imbassahy, president of the Intellectual Property Commission of OAB/SP of Santana da Parnaíba, and Member of the Commission of Fashion Law of OAB/SP.

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