Newsletter Edition 39 - September 2022


ABPI and ABF renew the agreement in ​​dispute resolution

ABPI, through its Center for Dispute Resolution, Mediation, and Arbitration (CSD-ABPI), renewed the agreement with the ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association) to act as the institution responsible for managing out-of-court procedures relating to disputes involving members and franchisees.

The agreement also provides for mutual collaboration in the organization of events, lectures, and actions that foster the use of extrajudicial methods of resolving disputes. The goal is to create an alternative culture to the Judiciary for resolving disputes. Under the agreement, the associations also undertake to jointly promote courses on franchising aimed at the general public and mediators and arbitrators interested in acting in disputes involving franchises.

The CSD-ABPI’s goal is to control and manage the procedures for extrajudicial dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration and is responsible for three Chambers: the Mediation Chamber (CMed-ABPI); the Arbitration Chamber (CArb-ABPI); and the Domain Names Dispute Resolution (CASD-ND).

CArb-ABPI has a select group of arbitrators specializing in litigation involving intellectual property rights, including franchising. The Chamber’s costs are accessible to those interested in resolving their disputes through arbitration  ̶  a form of dispute resolution involving persons (individuals or legal entities) who have an arbitration agreement, dismissing Judiciary intervention.