Newsletter Edition 13 - April 2020


A BPTO focused on telecommuting

“A new BPTO is emerging from the changes that are being processed by the new management, said Managing Director Júlio César Moreira, in a joint live session between ABPI and the institute, mediated by the Association’s Director Renata Lisboa. Moreira highlighted three actions, which are being carried out within the scope of the Prosperity Fund’s consulting, to gradually come into force later this year: the intensification of telecommuting, the disclosure of the Intellectual Property system alongside companies and Technology Centers, and the implementation of a unified internal and external communication system. “We are totally rethinking the BPTO in terms of infrastructure, personnel, and system”, he added.

Before the pandemic, the telecommuting system already employed about 285 technicians, including examiners and researchers, and the goal of increasing productivity by 30% had been exceeded, reaching 45%. With the social isolation recommended by the authorities and already adopted by the BPTO, more than 650 civil servants from the headquarters and regional offices of the institute are working from home.

With the unified communication, the user, applicant, or the intellectual property agent can, for example, get in direct contact in real-time with the examiner who is responsible for their process, significantly reducing the processing steps, and speeding up the decisions.

The BPTO’s Managing Director said that the pandemic did not significantly affect the productivity of the institute. He presented, as an example, an estimated decrease of 13% concerning what had been initially projected for the program to fight against backlog, a pace that, according to him, should be normalized in a timely manner.

The Live session can be watched on Instagram @sigaabpi or the Association’s YouTube channel.