Newsletter ABPI – Special Edition Congress 2022 – Day 1


5G and advanced societies

Photo: Ricardo Matsukawa

“5G is one of the pillars of Society 5.0”, said Ericsson’s Director of Patents, Ícaro Leonardo da Silva, during the first panel of the Congress, which debated the theme “Innovation and Society 5.0”, with the participation of neuroscientist Álvaro Machado Dias, and moderated by engineer Patrícia Franco Leal Gestic, coordinator of ABPI’s Corporate Committee. The executive addressed the “advanced societies” that, according to him, will enable disruptive ideas in security and sustainable development. But for that, he explained, it takes a lot of investment in Research & Development.

In these areas, the combined technologies result from the investments of the companies’ research centers. In this ecosystem, intellectual property is linked to interoperability between competitors in the standard of essential patents. Licensing is negotiated on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms, which forces companies to sell the technology even to competitors. “The counterpart is that it is necessary to compensate the technology developers, as happened with the 3G and 4G licensing which, by the way, financed the research for 5G”, said Ericsson’s Director of Patents.