Newsletter Edition 23 - March 2021


4th Edition of the Lúmen Award

Silveiro Advogados, the office of which ABPI board member Rodrigo Azevedo Pereira is a partner, was one of the winners of the fourth edition of the Lúmen Award, which is promoted by CESA (Center for the Study of Law Firms) and SINSA (Union of Law Firms of the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) in order to encourage social work by law firms.

The award to Silveiro Advogados, in the category “Good practices in facing Covid-19”, included this year, was due to training for the Data Protection Officer (DPO), a professional qualification required for the implementation of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in companies. The course, free and offered in virtual format by the office, was aimed at professionals looking for opportunities in the job market. In one week, more than 950 applicants and 765 candidates were selected.