Newsletter 41st Congress Day 4


2nd Patent of the Year Award Winners Announced

The 2nd Patent of the Year Award was given yesterday afternoon. Promoted by ABPI and supported by the BPTO (Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office), in this edition the award contemplated patents that contribute to sustainable economic development and was given to Cargill, Incorporated (USA), represented at the event by its Intellectual Property lawyer Eila Mota, and inventors Ricardo Chagas da Silva and Hélio Haruo Ushijima. They developed patent PI 1104018-1 entitled “Anti-dusting agent, a process for manufacturing anti-dusting agent for fertilizers and method for reducing dust emission from fertilizers and mining industry”.

“It is a great honor to receive this award, which represents the effort and commitment of innovation to sustainability, which are such relevant topics”, stated Hélio Haruo Ushijima. The winning project is based on the use of industrial by-products to create valuable solutions for other industries. In this case, the dust suppressor was developed for a fertilizer industry to use the by-products of fermentation processes of agricultural raw materials such as corn and sugarcane, creating a closed circular economy model, improving productivity, reducing the loss of inputs, and protecting the environment.

“As a message, I strongly encourage the industry to look at its industrial by-products, as we may be standing before valuable raw materials that, besides creating value in the production chain, can reduce environmental impacts and contribute to sustainability”, he concluded.

For Ricardo Chagas, “it is very gratifying to receive this award that shows our creative potential, and this initiative in valuing our Intellectual Property is very important”.

The coordinators of the Patent of the Year Award Ricardo Boclin and Eneida Berbare led the ceremony. They thanked everyone involved and praised the BPTO Academy, whose participants formed the award’s judging committee.

The winners were announced by BPTO’s Administrative Director Júlio César Castelo Branco Reis Moreira. “We are very proud to contribute once again to this initiative, which aims to reward the work of professionals and companies that recognize the importance of Intellectual Property and seek the protection of their creations in Brazil, which is very important”.