Newsletter Special Edition - 40th ABPI Congress - Day 4


1st ABPI Award winners – Patent of the Year revealed

The first edition of the Patent of the Year Award – Best Patent Applied to COVID-19 took place at the closing of ABPI’s 40th International Congress.

The winners were Marcos Pinotti Barbosa, Shirley Lima Campos, Cleysson Bruno Santos Vimieiro, and Daniel Neves Rocha. They stood out in the development of an inventive solution, object of an invention patent – PI 0903266-5, for the Method and Probe of Endobronchial Aspiration of Secretions.

The Award was virtually received by Professor Gilberto Medeiros Ribeiro, Director of CTIT – Coordination of Transfer and Technological Innovation at UFMG – Federal University of Minas Gerais. “It is a pleasure and an honor to receive this award, which is very dear to us at UFMG since we have several inventors in the health field. This award is in memory of Prof. Pinotti, who has already left us, but who inspired an entire generation of students at UFMG”, said Professor Gilberto Medeiros Ribeiro.

The delivery was made by Liane Lage, BPTO’s patent director, who congratulated ABPI for the event that is helping to show the Brazilian potential in Intellectual Property to the world. “I understand that this award is extremely important and emblematic because we are in the midst of this pandemic. ABPI’s Patent of the Year Award shows the world that our innovative potential was latent and we are ready to change our history. May many awards lie ahead”, she highlighted.

The judging committee took into account the following project requirements, with differentiated weights: potential for generating social benefits (35%), environmental impact (15%), the potential for generating economic benefits (30%), internationalization of protection (10 %) and participation of Brazilian inventors (10%).

ABPI takes the opportunity to thank everyone who submitted their projects.

We are also grateful for the support of the BPTO and ANPEI, in addition to the esteemed contribution of coordinators Ricardo Boclin and Eneida Elias Berbare, who worked towards the accomplishment of the award ceremony.