Copyright and Personality Rights

The Copyright and Personality Rights Committee is dedicated to update and study the Copyright Law (Law 9.610/98) and other laws related to the Personality Rights, such as the Civil Code. The Committee also tracks the main Bills in the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate in order to adapt the legislation to the reality of the knowledge-based economy and the Internet. This also includes the penal reform related to copyright violations.

The Commission focus on strengthening the debate for changes in the legislation related to new technologies. It also encourages debates amongst lawyers and content and technology companies, who work closely with this issue. The Commission also aims to monitor the jurisprudence and current issues on the subject in order to keep it in constant debate.

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Comission Coordinators

Co-Coordinator – Rio de Janeiro
Ana Erika Marotta Marques Ramos
Fundação Roberto Marinho

Co-Coordinator – São Paulo
Ygor Ygor Colalto Valério

Deputy Coordinator 
Campos Mello Advogados